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At AAMCO Utah our goal is to offer our customers the best possible service, we aim to make the car repair process as easy as possible. Along with that comes education – we want you to understand as much about your car as possible, we know it can be confusing when there is something wrong with your car so we are here to help.

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General AAMCO Questions

Q: Do you offer towing?

A: Yes we do. Check with your local AAMCO Utah location for more information.

Q: What is your warranty?

A: AAMCO Utah is backed by the nation wide AAMCO warranty.

Q: How long will my repair take?

A: The length of every repair is different depending on the repair needed, the make and model of the car, the facilities scheduling and the availability of parts.

Q: Do you offer financing?

A: Yes, all of our Utah locations have different financing options. Check with your local center to see what your options are – car repair doesn’t have to break the bank.

General Car Questions

Q: My check engine light is on, what do I do?

A: Your check engine light can indicate a wide range of problems with your car and is often one of the first indications our car’s give us that there is something wrong. Even if your car seems fine, we suggest bringing it into your nearest AAMCO Utah for an inspection.

We will scan the computer for the codes and do a thorough review of all major systems in your car. We will identify any issues and recommend the necessary repairs, but will never begin work without your approval.

Q: Why won’t my car start?

A: There could be a number of reasons why your car isn’t starting, or having trouble starting. Including:

  • Faulty starter
  • Failing alternator
  • Worn out spark plugs
  • Failing Engine Control Module (ECM)
  • Fuel injectors are clogged
  • Fuel pumps or fuel lines are failing or clogged

If you are experiencing trouble starting your car be sure to contact your local AAMCO Utah service center today – local towing options available.


Q: What should I do if my car is overheating?

A: Regular maintenance with a certified mechanic who is checking your cooling system should help avoid overheating. However, if you do find yourself in this situation try to pull over right away and let your car cool down. When you can get back up and driving again, it’s best to visit your neighborhood AAMCO Utah service center so we can quickly diagnose what’s wrong with your car and get you back on the road safely. Learn more about what to do if you car overheats here.

Car Maintenance Questions

Q: How often does my car need an oil change?

A: An oil change is typically recommended every 3,000 miles – but you should always consult your owners manual for what is best for your car and your driving habits. Learn more about AAMCO Utah oil change services.

Q: How often does my car need a tune-up?

A: Modern cars made after 1970 typically only need a tune-up once every 30,000 miles. A tune-up is an important part of a regular maintenance schedule and can help you get ahead of any major repairs. Learn more about tune-up services offered at AAMCO Utah.

Q: Should I take my car to the dealership?

A: Where you choose to take your car in for service is always your choice. However, dealerships tend to charge much higher rates. AAMCO Utah offers personalized service at all ten of our locally owned and operated service centers, something that you will typically not find at a dealership. Not to mention, all of our work is backed by the AAMCO nation-wide guarantee.

Q: What is preventative maintenance?

A: Following the regular maintenance schedule laid out in your cars owners manual will help you save money and avoid costly repairs before they happen, as well as ensure the longevity of your car. You can learn more about different car maintenance schedules here.

Q: Do I HAVE to replace my timing belt at the suggested interval?

A: YES. This is one of the most important pieces of car maintenance to follow. Your timing belt regulates the speed at which your engine runs. When the timing belt breaks, the engine can not run properly. The engine will seize and stops running. You will almost certainly have to have your car towed to the mechanic and will be facing a costly repair.

Q: How often should I have my car's alignment checked?

A: In order for your tires to have the longest life possible it is usually suggested to have alignment performed once a year or every 10,000-12,000 miles.

Q: How often do I need new spark plugs?

A: Typically spark plugs should be replaced every 30,000 miles in order for your car to get maximum fuel economy.

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