Can’t say enough good things about these gentlemen. I came over here after having a rough experience elsewhere and have been seriously impressed– great customer service, straightforward, honest, easy to work with. Patient with people who don’t know a lot about cars. Can’t recommend enough.


This shop was awesome to work with. I took my truck in because other shops could not figure out what was wrong. Miguel was excellent to work with. He even went the extra mile to pick up my truck from the other shop and took it to his shop because I didn’t have a ride back from his shop. I appreciated that big time!! He kept my truck a couple of days, but I was more than fine with that, because he was trying to find my problem. He finally did find it and cost me a lot less than I was anticipating and now my truck is problem free!! Him and Ricardo did great. Very very personable and explained every detail to me. I was and am extremely happy with their service. I have now found my new mechanic and shop to continue to take my car(s) to. Thank you so much Miguel and Ricardo!! You are the best!!!

-Lori L. ★★★★★

I took my vehicle into AAMCO in American Fork because my check engine light was on. Jason helped me right away and was extremely friendly. He worked me in for an oil change and fixed the issue with the check engine light in a real hurry. I’ll be back!

-Justin Chilcote. ★★★★★

Jason was very thorough and took the time to accurately diagnose the issue with our car. The explanation of what needed to be done was clear and I felt they were very fair in dealing with me. Great service!

-Ryan Beck, ★★★★★

My truck started to act up after my daughter drove it 90 miles to college. Curt evaluated it and thought we could safely drive it home for service. He was very kind and wouldn’t take any money for his services. If I ever need a mechanic in Logan, this where I will go.

-Doug Folland. ★★★★★

Dropped off my car to have my brakes done and transmission checked. It’s always a good sign when a repair shop tells you everything looks good! Brake job was done well and on time. Very friendly people. Will definitely be back.

-Bryan E. Anderson. ★★★★★

I go to these guys for everything! Anything that I know that I can do on my car, I’ll do it. But If I can’t I’ll have them do it and they always satisfy my needs and expectations. Recently my transmission went out, and I had to get a whole new one. I went a cheaper route by buying a used one and had some other goodies done to it as well. But later the transmission that I had wouldn’t fit or bolt up correctly so, at that time it wouldn’t work. I got a hold of a guy who rebuilt my old one and we ended using that instead. And these guys over at AAMCO were very patient and really good and putting it back together. They did an amazing job! My car runs very smoothly and better now! Every time I come here I feel like my experience gets better every time! Thanks AAMCO! I highly highly recommend these guys!

-Nelson Asay. ★★★★★

Only go here if you like being treated fairly by honest people. My experience was unbelievably positive, I wish there was an option to give them a sixth star. Miguel welcomed me like an old friend, even though we had just met. He explained what he anticipated the issue was and quoted me $340, best case scenario. I was fine with this and told him to let me know what he found once he had it on the lift. He called me the next day to let me know that it was much more simple than what he thought it was and that it was only going to be $180. He had it repaired and ready in no time, and there have been no issues since. I highly recommend this shop and their staff. It is so nice to know that there are honest people in an industry that is not known for such a thing.

-Tate Barfuss. ★★★★★

I’ve gone to this location for my Hyundai twice now and they’ve been great. I’ve had another AAMCO experience that really left a bad taste in my mouth but the owner here seems like a solid guy running a fair business. Jason was a pleasure to work with and they have given me reasonable prices with really quick service each visit. Would definitely recommend!

-Jasmine Ray. ★★★★★

Had to have an engine replaced and these guys did a great job. When we had some trouble afterwards they took it in and made sure everything was running perfectly and didn’t charge us for it. They have been friendly and informative and treated us very fairly.

-Cameron Knight. ★★★★★

Awesome guys!! Very helpful and polite. Will answer all of your questions and price out anything else they see you need done. Very reasonable prices, but you can’t beat the customer service. I met the owner and he was very friendly and completely cared about my experience. I would highly recommend your auto needs be taken care of here!!

-Mellissa Losee. ★★★★★

They are very reasonable with price, they quoted me 10% lower than the lowest price of another shop had. They are friendly and make you feel welcome. They are under a new owner, who called them to make sure everything was running smoothly while I was in the waiting room. You can tell they are honest and genuinely want to help.

-Omar Contreras. ★★★★★

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