We pride ourselves on quality service, which means our certified technicians accurately diagnosing and repairing your vehicle to keep you on the road and safe.
image of a car disk brake up close

Brake Repair

Having trouble stopping? Make sure you can stop on a dime, let our certified expert mechanics take a look at your brakes today. Your local AAMCO Utah can examine, repair, and replace your entire brake system if that is what you need.

image of a car transmission up close

Transmission Repair

Your transmission has over 800 parts. Here at AAMCO we know how every single one goes together. We are the leading expert in transmission rebuilds and repairs.

image of yellow motor oil being poured into a car

Oil Change

Time for an oil change? Bring your vehicle in to your locally owned & operated AAMCO right away. Engine Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle, keeping everything lubricated and in working order. We will make sure your car is healthy.

image of car diagnostic tools

Diagnostic & Inspection

Is your car making a strange noise? We’ll troubleshoot the issue and fix it correctly the first time. The AAMCO Multi-Point Inspection reviews all of your vehicle’s major systems.

image of a close up of mechanics tools sitting on a work cart

Car Tune Up

If your vehicle isn’t running the way you remember then bring it in for a complete automotive tune-up. We take care of your vehicle so that your vehicle takes care of you. Maximize your vehicle’s safety and mileage by ensure it’s well tuned.

image of a close up of an air conditioning button in a car

Air Conditioning

Summers can be pretty hot here in Utah. We’ll help your stay cool with properly working A/C. Don’t sit in an oven, schedule an appointment with your local AAMCO Utah today and we’ll ensure your air conditioning is running in top condition.

image of a hand holding a meter taking a diganostic reading of a car battery

Battery Services

Trouble starting your car?  Our locally owned AAMCO’s can troubleshoot your battery right away. Gain some peace of mind with a well maintained battery. Don’t get stuck at home or on the roadside.

image of a fleet of white vans all in a row

Fleet Services

Looking for commercial or fleet repairs?  We have the best customer service and warranty in the industry! Keep your fleet rolling with routine maintenance at your local AAMCO Utah.

image of a close up of electrical repair on a car

Electrical Repairs

Experiencing something strange? There are a lot of parts that make up your electrical system. From alternators to complete diagnostics, we do it all.

image of a man and and AAMCO technician looking at the underside of a car on a lift

Total Car Care

Here at AAMCO, we are the total car care experts.  Trust in AAMCO to take care of everything on your car. Whether you are having trouble with your car’s battery, need an oil change or tune-up, suspension serviced, and more, we’ve got you covered.

image of a jeep in the snow

Seasonal Car Care

Need new snowtires?  How about an A/C recharge?  We’ve got you covered for all of your seasonal needs. Before you hit the road, your local AAMCO Utah can make sure your car is ready for any season.

image of a mechanic showing suspension issue to customer

Suspension Services

Does your ride feel rough when you drive?  Bring it in right away to have your suspension checked. Your suspension takes the majority of the stress and shock inflicted on your vehicle by the road. Make sure that it’s in top condition.

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