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Is Your A.C. System Struggling?

If your car’s air conditioning system is struggling to cool your car or defrost your windows visit your local AAMCO Utah to have you’re A.C. System checked by one of our expert auto mechanics. Let the experts at your neighborhood AAMCO Utah give you peace of mind knowing that you will be safe and cool through all seasons.

Bring your vehicle into AAMCO for air conditioning inspection, diagnosis, and repairs. Air conditioning systems have a much larger role in the vehicle than just removing heat from the passenger compartment; it also dehumidifies the air during heating and defrosting modes. If you are having air conditioning or heater issues, it can lead to further difficulties in the vehicle.

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Signs of a malfunctioning air conditioning system:

  • Your air conditioner blows only hot air from the vents
  • The air conditioner blows cold air only sporadically
  • There are strange noises when you turn on your air conditioner
  • You have odd smell coming from the vents
  • You windshield fogs up during defrost mode

Every AAMCO Air Conditioning Service begins with AAMCO’s state-of-the-art Initial Vehicle Check and a Comprehensive Diagnostics Service by our A/C Certified Technicians.
This check includes:

  • Inspection of the air conditioning compressor drive belt for cracks or damage
  • Inspection of all air conditioning-related components for visible leaks or damage
  • Check for proper operation of the air conditioning compressor and other components
  • Visually inspect Air Conditioning lines, hoses, seals, and other system components for leaks

The results of the diagnosis will determine what part of the system requires service to ensure proper operation.
This may include:

  • Completely Evacuate and Properly Recover any remaining refrigerant from the Air Conditioning system using state of the art EPA approved equipment
  • Recharge the system using the appropriate refrigerant to the exact system capacity according to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications
  • Perform any necessary service on compressor, evaporator, condenser, lines, hoses and electrical controls
  • Rechecking the air conditioning system to ensure proper performance and operation.


During an air conditioning service AAMCO Utah will:

  • Inspect hoses, lines, seals and other air conditioning components for leaks
  • Take temperature readings
  • Make sure the compressor is working correctly
  • Check your drive belt for damage
  • Perform our AAMCO Multi-Point Inspection Service

Come into your locally owned AAMCO Utah location for all of your Total Car Care needs – those who know go to AAMCO. It’s easy to schedule an appointment online or by phone.


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