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Starting, Charging, & Electrical System Repair


AAMCO Utah – Your Electrical System Repair Experts

AAMCO Utah’s Transmission and Total Car Care experts can diagnose and repair each part of your car’s electrical system including:

  • Battery Cables & Terminal
  • Drive Belt
  • Alternator
  • Starter
  • Ignition Switch
  • Voltage Regulator
  • Neutral Safety Switch
An auto mechanic uses a multimeter voltmeter to check the voltage level in a car battery


Your Car’s Electrical System

What is the car’s electrical system and how does it work?

Your cars electrical system is made up of two parts – the starting system and the charging system.

The Starting System

The starting system is what starts your engine when you turn the key. Your car’s starting system is made up of the motor, starter relay, ignition switch, solenoid starter and starter relay.

Being able to correctly diagnose where the problem is within this multi-faceted and complicated system can save you time and money. At AAMCO Utah we have the years of expertise to diagnose your car’s problem right the first time.

The Charging System

Your car’s charging system is what charges your battery and keeps it from going dead. A broken charging system can cause serious problems to today’s increasing complicated car electrical systems as they now have many sophisticated and sensitive electronic components. The technicians at AAMCO Utah have the best electrical service equipment around. We will quickly identify your problem and get your charging system fixed to prevent further damage to your cars electrical equipment.

Worried about your car’s electrical equipment? Schedule an appointment for a diagnostic test at your nearest AAMCO Utah location so we can get you back on the road worry-free.


How Do You Know if You Need Electrical System Repairs?

Not sure if your car’s electrical system needs repair? Here are the five telltale signs:
1. Your car lights are dim
2. The electrically powered items in your car work slower than normal (i.e. your chair is adjusting slowly)
3. The battery light is illuminated on your dashboard
4. The engine cranks slower than normal


Schedule Your Electrical System Repair with AAMCO Utah

Experiencing trouble with your car’s electrical system?

Book an appointment with one of our 10 conveniently located Utah service centers. Your appointment request will go directly to the shop of your choice. Don’t forget to check out our different seasonal service specials!

Frequently Asked Electrical System Questions

Q: Why won’t my car start – is it the electrical system?

A: There could be a number of reasons your car isn’t starting, including some related to your electrical system such as a bad starter, dead battery, or a failing alternator.

Q: How do I know if my car battery has a good electrical connection?

A: You should check the terminals for corrosion, rust and dirt buildup – presence of any of these is a bad sign. Make sure the battery terminals are covered and secured. Your battery cables should be cleaned and inspected regularly to ensure good electrical connection.

Q: What causes an electrical system problem?

A: There are a number of elements that can cause problems within your car’s electrical system including (but not limited to):

  • A defective battery that won’t charge
  • Low voltage caused by poor battery connection
  • Corroded connections
  • Vibration, moisture, general wear and tear
  • Severe weather conditions
  • Constant heating and cooling cycles that cars go through

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