Leave Winter in the Rearview and Drive into Spring

De-Winterizing Your Car Is Critical in Spring

As important as winterizing your car is, de-winterizing it is equally important. Spring brings varied weather and road conditions, longer road trips, and an opportunity to take care of those maintenance tasks you may have put off due to the cold. We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly missed spring care tasks to ensure your car is ready for whatever this season throws at it.

From batteries and fluids to light bulbs and wipers, keeping your car in tip-top shape is what we do best. So, if you’re ready to leave winter in the rearview, schedule an appointment today for a free spring safety check.

Caring For Your Car – Inside & Out

Exterior Spring Car Care

The outside of your car gets the brunt of winter trauma, from road salts to slick roads and direct exposure to snow and ice. Here are some items to look at when spring rolls around:

  • Replace your wiper blades before the spring showers roll in so you can safely navigate the roads during inclement weather.
  • Wash your car and its undercarriage to remove any built-up grime and road salts to protect your vehicle’s body and paint. After cleaning, inspect your paint and address any chips or scratches. These can drastically reduce the lifespan of your paint job, and if you have a metal body, exposure to the wet weather will encourage rust.
  • Check your tires: Tire pressure fluctuates with the weather, and too much or too little air can cause serious issues. If you were running winter tires, now is the time to switch over to all-seasons and to inspect your tread. Be sure to check your alignment if it feels off, as slick roads and potholes can wreak havoc on your alignment!
  • Check your bulbs: Winter often causes light bulbs to burn out prematurely, and the last thing you’ll want in the middle of a thunderstorm is to not be visible. Run a quick test of all your bulbs (including blinkers and brakes) to make sure everything’s smooth sailing.
  • Plugs and batteries deplete much faster in the winter than in warmer months. Check and replace plugs as needed, and consider getting a voltage test on your battery to make sure it not only survived winter, but is ready for spring!
  • Catch up on maintenance: it’s easy to avoid checking your fluids or ignoring dashboard warning lights when it’s cold, so now is the time to start addressing them! Top off your fluids, get an oil change, check any warning indicators, and make sure your brakes are in good shape.
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Interior Car Care

Spring means warmer weather, allergens, and temperature fluctuations. Ensuring your cabin is safe and comfortable will make the season’s unpredictability a little more bearable. Here are some car care items for inside your car:

  • Change your cabin filter to make sure pollen and other allergens don’t find their way into your cabin. Driving and sneezing is a poor combination!
  • Test your A/C before the temperatures rise so you have time for repairs before the warm weather sets in.
  • Extend your home spring cleaning out into your car. When it’s cold and dreary, multiple trips to the car aren’t what anyone wants to do, and extra clothing layers tend to accumulate in the back seat or trunk. Take advantage of a warm day to clear out clutter.
  • Vacuum and clean your interior to remove any lingering road salt or dirt that may have been tracked in during the winter months to extend the life of your carpets

Leap Into Spring With AAMCO Utah

If you are unsure of any of the above tasks, or have any questions about your car’s current condition, AAMCO Utah can help. Your local AAMCO Utah expert mechanics can provide a free multi-point inspection, recommendations for maintenance or repairs, and help ensure your vehicle is ready for whatever the year may bring.


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